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The aim of the Association is to help Hungary catch up with the European Union in the fields of economy, living standards and environmental protection. Our goal is to integrate and provide information to the actors of the civil sphere and continuously monitor the applications of Hungary and the European Union, provide information, advice and professional support to those interested. Take part in the observance of the EU conventions, help the micro-regions to catch up with both intellectual and material means. Participate in the development of the information society with your practical contribution, provide an opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities offered by computer technology and the Internet.
Facilitating and making more efficient the flow of information between the actors of regional development as a priority social activity. Assisting in the practical training of students pursuing secondary and higher education in the fields of regional development and environmental protection. Promotion of rural tourism, ecotourism, equestrian tourism, medical tourism, cultural, youth, gastronomic, wine and other tourism in Hungary and beyond, especially in terms of area and rural development. Village development and renovation, protection and preservation of the material and intellectual heritage of the countryside.
It aims to pay special attention to the development of environment-based industry and agriculture.
Its aim is to contribute to the protection of a humane environment and the natural habitat and living conditions of flora and fauna in Hungary by helping the Hungarian environmental protection to catch up with the environmental protection standard of the European Union.
Promoting renewable and alternative resources and disseminating innovative research on them.
Establishing a unit of applied research and basic research in environmental practice and regional development, by promoting and popularizing innovations within the profession, and by means of practical implementation.
Providing professional assistance in the preparation of research and development documents in various professional sectors, as well as participation in the implementation of innovative ideas through research activities and the preparation of design and feasibility documents Actual



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